How did Jan ever pass that test?

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Not everyone was convinced.

I'll meet Terrance in front of the station at 2:30.

We'll meet in three hours.

The teachers are trying to motivate their students.

Ima didn't like the way Norman spoke to him.

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He seems rough, but at heart he is very gentle.


You should be feeling better soon.

We're in a slump, barely scraping by, so we certainly don't have the margin to take on a part-time worker.

I've been helping Olivier out.

Donne's parents were asleep when he got home.

What is the average rainfall for July here?

The children were particularly quiet.

In C language, There are two ways to pass parameters to a function: to pass by value and to pass by reference.


Many people on Tinder are just looking for a short-term relationship.

He's a bit drunk.

It cost me ten thousand yen to have my television set repaired.


Seeing that you're not surprised, I think you must have known.

I don't think you understand how important this is to me.

He accused him of having stolen the bike.

The woman stands before the library.

Nothing costs as much as what one gets for free.

Can you show me where Mosur Jackson's office is?

Since our argument, Teresa has kept his distance.


I usually have dinner at seven.


I am convinced that things will change for the better.


There is more charity at this time than at any other.


It doesn't seem quite right.


I must be blind.


Could you put this luggage on a shelf?


Why are you telling us now?


We've set the meeting tentatively for Monday. It's subject to change.

Baristas need to make a sitcom.

The ceremony was followed by the reception.

Who was this window broken by?

Kate is simple.


I never fail to write to my mother once a month.

We can do it ourselves.

Steen will be back home soon.

I wish Jose would just tell me the truth.

You know it's not good.


Curtis walked in and sat on the couch.

This animal is very intelligent.

Rabin is a fitness freak.

Don't leave like this.

The road bends sharply to the right at this point.


They will follow Suwandi.

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This is incredible! How do you hit a winner from that position?!


Holly heard a loud sound.

That would be confusing.

He let the dog loose in the garden.

The negotiations took place in Boston.

Dr. George's secretary is Japanese.

I can't help you.

Who is the woman you really love?


Can you open your eyes, please?


I can't do anything about that right now.

He was watchful for any sign of diabetes.

Next time you'll pay for it!

Does anybody know if the cafeteria is still open?

You need not run the risk.

The government will adopt enforcement measures to solve this problem.

Is this bench firm?

I have some free time in the afternoon.

Anderson owned a ranch.

Dan made a grizzly discovery.

I just wanted to call you and let you know I'd be late.


She didn't play cards, because she didn't like it.

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We saw his flock of geese.


I think they have better coffee at the other place.

Too bad, you need to leave for Japan.

Is Dick partially to blame?

Ralph has been in prison for half his life.

She is close on sixty.


We must leave early.


Oranges are a seasonal fruit.

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You don't need to wait.

Rajarshi was playing chess last night.

Have you been saved?

I guess they really weren't so busy.

Paul put on gloves before going out.

Inhumanity is one of the signal and characteristic qualities of humanity.

As is often the case with teenagers, she's conceited.


I was talking to Gil when it happened.

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I didn't actually see it myself.


There are nine girls and three boys in the library.

Are tickets for the concert available here?

The police tracked down Jack to his house.

He is not much of an artist.

You know what this is, don't you?


You're very kind, Page.


They used truth serum.

Have you talked to Susan recently?

There are many migrant farm-worker children at our school.


The swimmer, Cindy Nicholas, barely made it ashore at Dover at the end of the exhausting swim, but a spokesman from the Channel Swimming Association announced that she was in very good shape.

Here's the milk.

You'll die out there.


This book is black.


It is strange for Ken not to agree with us.

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Susan is two years older than me.

I gave him my address.

It's the little things in life that mean the most.

Let's start with the obvious.

Dan didn't like Linda's comments.

Someone told me that the most beautiful women in the world live in Boston.

I saw the car explode.


You don't have to come if you don't want to.

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I've got a feeling that nobody cares about their accent as much as the Russians.

It will be better for us to hurry if we want to catch the bus at six.

Miek told everyone that I hated Kerri, but that's not true.


Lorraine broke his leg skiing.

You should go in the opposite direction.

Wouldn't it be better for us to go to the movies rather than to a theater?

Billie is one of the designers I work with.

Do you have some kind of hobby?


Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Sheathe your sword.

What time does your plane depart?


Everything's very cheap.

Shankar bought a bottle of balsamic vinegar in Modena.

I just want to know one thing.

What don't you have?

How shall we deal with the problem?

You must be quite a liar.

I've been trying to lose a little weight.

The kite got caught in the tree.

I can't lose weight.

This book is small.

This knife has served me well.

Italians don't give up easily.

It's all true.

Phiroze walked over to the window and opened the curtains.

Some went on foot, and others by bicycle.

Tell Margie that Beth wants to see him.

Luc was arrested on Monday.

I'd like to have a single room with a bath for two nights.

They were under the yoke of a tyrant.

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Lorien met Beckie on the way home from where he worked part-time after school.

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Justin is always late for class.


I'm looking forward to doing business with you.

Don't rely on others.

The insurgency was widely condemned in state-controlled mass media outlets.

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Actually, the soup was too salty.

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How much did these glasses cost?

We can't do this without some help.

You should concentrate on one thing and learn to do it well.

I would not have known him.

There's something else I want to discuss with you.


Hours lost on the ground cancel out the advantage of speed in the air.

Nick shouts a lot.

The youth of our country is indifferent to politics.

How long have you been living out of a suitcase?

The future of humanity remains undetermined, as it depends on it.