Catullus, 55 (ca. 55 B.C.):

Oramus, si forte non molestum est,
demonstres ubi sint tuae tenebrae.
te Campo quaesiuimus minore,
te in Circo, te in omnibus libellis,
te in templo summi Iouis sacrato.
in Magni simul ambulatione
femellas omnes, amice, prendi,
quas uultu uidi tamen sereno.
auelte, sic ipse flagitabam,
Camerium mihi pessimae puellae.
quaedam inquit, nudum reduc...
'en hic in roseis latet papillis.'
sed te iam ferre Herculi labos est;
tanto te in fastu negas, amice.
dic nobis ubi sis futurus, ede
audacter, committe, crede luci.
nunc te lacteolae tenent puellae?
si linguam clauso tenes in ore,
fructus proicies amoris omnes.
uerbosa gaudet Venus loquella.
uel, si uis, licet obseres palatum,
dum uestri sim particeps amoris.

We ask you, if perchance it isn't troublesome,
to show (us) where your haunts are.
I sought you in the Campus Minor,
in the Circus, in all the bookshops,
in the Temple of Jupiter on High,
likewise in the Portico of Magnus
I took hold of all the girlies, my friend,
whom I saw, however, with unclouded faces.
* * *, so I demanded
my Camerius, you very naughty girls.
A certain girl said, undressed with respect to her bare chest,
"Look here! He hides here in my rosy breasts."
But to endure you is now a labor of Hercules.
You deny youself in such arrogance, my friend.
Tell us where you will be found, publish it
clearly, entrust it to us, expose it to the daylight.
Now are you holding those milky-white girls?
If you hold a tongue in closed mouth,
you renounce all the satisfaction of love.
Venus rejoices in long-winded speech.
Or, if you prefer, it is permitted that you shut your mouth,
as long as I am a partner in your love.
(U. K. Vestal, trans.)