Sextus Propertius,  Elegies 4.8.71-78 (ca. 20 B.C.):

supplicibus palmis tum demum ad foedera veni,
cum vix tangendos praebuit illa pedes,
atque ait ‘admissae si vis me ignoscere culpae,
accipe, quae nostrae formula legis erit.
tu neque Pompei spatibere cultus in umbra,
nec cum lascivum sternet harena Forum.
colla cave inflectas ad summum obliqua theatrum,
aut lectica tuae se det aperta morae.

With suppliant palms I begged for a truce,
Although she'd scarely proffer her feet to my touching,
And said, "If you'd have me overlook admitted sins,
Accept the precondition of my rule.
Sharply dressed you shall not stroll in the shade of Pompey,
Nor when sand strews the licentious Forum.
Take care you do not dip your neck and bob
To the theatre's upper-circle, nor dawdle
Because some litter shows itself undraped. (G. P. Goold, trans.)