I would like to improve my English pronunciation.

If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be.

Let me have the picture.

The bath is open on Saturdays.

Adolescence is often a period of insecurity.

I visited Paris, but I didn't climb the Eiffel tower, since I'm afraid of heights.

I'd like to drive across the USA in a convertible car.

He laughed at my pronunciation.


You're speaking like Eco.

Earnie is afraid of showing his feelings.

I'm not sure what's wrong. We should have heard from him by now.


What the devil is that?

You're pretty good at that.

I'm washing my hands of the guilt.

The woman whom he married is very beautiful.

What's not right?

I thought you weren't interested in politics.

They want to tell you their story.

Don't blame them.

There's a good chance that Tiefenthal will be here this afternoon.

Stanley deliberately made this mistake.

Everyone laughed at me yesterday.

Raanan didn't seem to want to win.

A Chinese company has bought one of the most famous hotels in New York.

I have been here for a week.

I'm 25 years old and I've never had a girlfriend.

We'll go visit them.

Does your wife have a passport?

This may be our only chance to figure out what happened.

Markus has some advice for us.

Get Nici whatever he wants.

Andries and Part's friends helped them move into their new apartment.


Months went past without any news from him.

Himawan usually stays up late at night.

Have I taught you nothing?

There was a large audience at the piano recital last night.

Let's not forget that.

Boston is a beautiful city.

The cat likes to sleep beside me.

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He thinks that playing board games is old-fashioned now.

Hunter has had three glasses of wine already.

I tried in vain to persuade him not to smoke any more.

Advice when most needed is least heeded.

I'm glad to see that you're studying harder than you used to.

Close the book.

Russell took his time walking home.

I never thought Spencer would make it out of prison after such a long time.

I feel ready to go.


We had to leave quickly.

I added yet another sentence.

The prince fell in love with a simple peasant girl and married her.

It's not as easy as Phil thinks.

You're still green.


Tell me this isn't true.

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I wish I could've been there.

I'd never do that to you.

I'll buy the drinks.

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What are your plans for this weekend?

We must stop using ozone-depleting chemicals immediately.

We understand this.

Were the earth to stop revolving, what do you suppose would happen?

What are you standing around for?

He uses an old-fashioned razor, with shaving cream, for a closer shave.

Were you really boring?

Now the good news is, we can solve these problems and meet these challenges, because America, by definition, is an innovation society.

The patriarchal system has always been more prevalent.

Why did you come?

Hotta just glared.

He acknowledged me by lifting his hat.

You be quiet.


Jim is about as tall as Bill.

America's radioactive waste may be targeted in terrorist attacks.

It was a game.

When does this plane reach Narita?

I usually have a glass of milk for breakfast.

Pretty soon you will stop thinking of her.

There's no question that Kyu was the thief.


Why shouldn't we do that?

Could you please gift-wrap it please?

I'll give you our answer after we go into your proposal in greater detail.

Alcohol is the enemy.

These gadgets seem to be of no use.

This school was founded in 1650.

Ti doesn't even live in Boston anymore.

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You won't die today.


I have complete faith in his abilities.

You have to contribute your fair share.

I have to have it.

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Why exactly did you tell Cris you wanted my help?

After the accident, he never could move his leg again.

May I accompany you on your walk?


You've already decided not to go, haven't you?

Jagath always wears a helmet when riding his motorcycle.

His face reminded me of one of my friends in my senior high school days.

Have a drink while you're waiting.

You need great endurance to add ten thousand sentences.

Earl didn't know the deadline was today.

Novorolsky hasn't been able to come to school because he's in the hospital.


His explanation is by no means satisfactory.

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Jack owns a very big house on Park Street.

We're doing nothing.

She just got her ears pierced.

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Is Cristina babbling?

I'm not asking them to forgive me.

Metin clearly isn't interested in joining our group.

A white cloud is floating in the blue summer sky.

They are sitting at the table.

Think looks a little confused.

You've won her heart.

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You'll get over this.

Kurt was speaking to Naomi.

I recognized you.

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During the discussion of the summary report of CC CPSU in the congress, it was noted that, under the guidance of the Communist party, in close cooperation with all the Socialist countries, the Soviet people have made great progress in the struggle for building a Communist society in the USSR and in that for world peace.


He likes not only music but sports.

Carol is pessimistic.

You're escaping.

Do not try to attract attention with these types of speeches.

It's been a great week.

What do you want right now?

She gave me a shirt.


Paul's family spends the summer at the coast every year.

She urged him to drive carefully.

The houses are burning.

The prime minister spoke about the financial crisis at length.

I can't stand to think about it.

It's cold so you should wear a coat.

Venus is only slightly smaller than the Earth and Mars is bigger than half of Earth.


My coach asked me if I was "unattached" and I didn't understand so I said yes.

They aren't mine.

You are being a kook.


Bradford wasn't allowed to do that.

Numerology is like schizophrenia.

Anatoly doesn't have a driver's license.

The wind sounds scary, like screaming ghosts.

Nobody was hungry except me.

I must meet her.

A bookstore in that location wouldn't make enough money to survive.

We'll have to try it again.

It was an awful sight.

We didn't need that.

We've got to stay alert.

He welshed on his gambling debt.

The attendant responsibilities made me think twice about it.

I think that he looks better with a beard.

What's your favorite non-electrical gadget?

He stared straight at her.

We ate until we couldn't eat any more.

I felt like killing myself.

It would take forever for me to explain everything.

I have always strived for excellence.

I think Nanda isn't serious.

Fred plans to go out dancing with Dennis, doesn't he?

Stop daydreaming.

A trebuchet is a siege weapon similar to a catapult.

I'm sure it was an accident.

He lied to me. I cannot trust him any longer.

Jorge is much busier than he used to be.

I know what you're looking for is still in there.

My aunt, who lives in Tokyo, sent me a beautiful blouse.

Dale made himself a big breakfast.

Frederick couldn't sneak out of the dorm without being seen.

Why won't you help?

The drama on TV was so popular that it stirred up people's interest in the period.

I think you should help him.

The rule doesn't hold well in our case.

I've been called worse.

I've got to give you something.

Kouki's big mistake was having an accident while driving his father's car.

I'm not home.

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I like to listen to the radio.

Hi! I'm Ichirou Tanaka. Nice to meet you.

Why would you want to live in Boston?

He peels her apple.

I began to realize that Pantelis wasn't as happy as he used to be.

Would you like white wine or red?

The world belongs to the courageous.