Armed with our deep expertise in machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), AIH Technology Inc. provides best-in-class facial recognition technology to achieve better, stronger and faster recognition results.


We aim to provide the most efficient solutions and tools - tailored to your needs, by offering a wide variety of products and partnerships.


We trained and designed our algorithms to handle complex and unique facial recognition challenges

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More accurate and instantaneous, our facial recognition algorithm is built from one of biggest real people faces dataset. Tested and approved in real world projects from huge traffic hub to a home doorbell, our solution fullfills the requirement for each unique use case.

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Experience a much more smooth and faster facial recognition, because we spend endless efforts to optimize our algorithms with hardware in order to improve efficiency. Now AIH can proudly anounce that, our solution is generally 30% faster at the same hardware cost.


We understand how real world chanllenges can be complex, so we trained our algorithms to handle all your special needs. Whether it's a fast moving object, people with sunglasses or a partial mask, or faces in extreme environment conditions (i.e., dark, foggy, low camera resolution), our algorithm can still return a reliable result.

Thinking About A Partnership With Us?


AIH Technology focuses on providing both residential and business partners with the world's leading facial recognition technology, suitable for a wide array of real-world commercial and security applications.


Whether you are looking for A.I. based access control to your information center, or setting up a facial recognition powered security checkpoint, or thriving for improving your customer experience as a retailer, AIH Technology is the number one choice for easy to set up, simple to use, scalable and low-cost solutions.


We are committed to continuous R&D to make sure our partners and their customers always get the fastest and most accurate facial recognition available. What we uncover about a face as it transforms from 2D to 3D allows us to solve problems no one has yet considered.