The employees are overworked.

He is utterly unguarded.

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The northern half of what is today Papua New Guinea was a German colony.

There is a great demand for gasoline.

Roxie doesn't want his son to turn out like me.

This is going to be awesome.

I'm going to be talking to Mikey.


I've seen better days.

Why are you not listening to me?

I was very worried about her.

Marriage is a lottery.

Is this what scares them?

Helen Keller was blind, deaf and dumb.

I will be sixteen years old next year.

He is now old enough to travel by himself.

Texting while driving is dangerous.


Anybody can solve that problem.

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Tennis shoes are sold behind the counter.

Don't be pathetic.

Don't leave things half finished.

I've never asked Carl to work on a Sunday.

I don't want a lot of money. I just want enough to live comfortably.


You must not idle away.

He decided to rent his property to that company.

The next day at the newspaper office he drew a bun which contained a dachshund inside - not a dachshund sausage, but a dachshund.

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There's still so much to be done.

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Norm would probably like to do that.

Alison didn't want to go out to play.

It is good for the health to get up early.

This tree is the tallest and oldest in this forest.

We must not be enemies.

This is quite surprising for several reasons.

They know nothing.

You may have to help her.

Rudy sent a message to Perry.

Building a tunnel from Japan to China is out of the question.

Don't talk to him.

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You too can easily become a millionaire... if you are a billionaire.

This indigenous god needs water to have a normal life, move and talk, or its body will turn back into immovable stone.

Where did you cut them?


Let's go for a ride in my car.

The royal wedding was a great spectacle.

Owen jumped over the shallow ditch.

"Natto" smells awful but tastes terrific.

I wish people were nicer to each other.

He gave me a hug.

Stay tuned. We'll be right back.

I can't afford to wait around.

Joseph still hasn't done what we asked him to do.

Nothing stays the same.

Why's everyone looking at me?

My class was cancelled.

When I was helpless, no one came to my defense.

I wonder what they're whispering to each other.

I'll write or phone you next week.


My boss made me work overtime.

Why don't you try to find out?

It was told me under pledge of secrecy.

It must also be assured that the punishment does not exceed the crime.

The notorious dictator abused his privileges to his heart's content.

Annie was going to tell Mwa, but decided not to.

At sunset, the crickets begin to chirp and the fireflies light up the night.

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Is that what everybody wants?

They carried out the captain's order to the letter.

The clock, which my grandfather bought, is still in good order.


This might not be a genuine diamond.


The scandal detracted from his reputation.

I want to go to the movies today.

I've been there before.

Everything is going well at present.

Does she have children?

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My specialty is French onion gratin soup.

It's not always about the money, is it, Amanda?

I came near to getting involved in a crime.


My courage failed me at the crucial moment.

A serious form of flu prevails throughout the country.

A horrible thing happened here.

Thousands of hectares of tropical rainforest are being lost every day.

I'd have loved to see you at the party I organised yesterday.

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People lost faith in banks.

Lance and Rodney started kissing each other as soon as the light was turned off.

Leora failed French last semester.

Kylo doesn't have to worry about that.

I have to put my shoes on.

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He's a gigolo.

There was something simmering between her and her mother-in-law.

Please line up in a row.

That's all I need.

I'm planning my next vacation. Maybe I'll go to Disneyland with my family and friends. How much should I save for it?

I know somebody needs me.

Her unusual behavior gave rise to our suspicions.

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The train station is very close to the hotel.

Isn't that true?

I don't know how to drive a car.

I miss the excitement.

It looks really hard!

The sun will set soon.

What has been your favorite concert of the past 5 years?

Can you lend me 10,000 yen?

Shari and I became best friends.

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Just stay on this path.

These books are my books.

He doesn't have a ticket.

Man is the only animal that laughs.

Tomorrow lessons start.

My uncle drives a Ford.

Phill wishes he could fly.

You may have to do this yourself.

"Where should I sit?" "Anywhere is OK."


It's just something I've been thinking about.

It was more difficult than I'd expected.

There was no room for Leonardo DiCaprio on the lifeboat.

It seems that with every update they take a step back.

Do as I say, and not as I do.

We'll talk about this some more later.

Ji discovered that Marsha was in trouble and went to help her.

Rajendra didn't even try to pretend that he liked Drew.

Tuan and Leads were both confused.


Vadim definitely meant what he said.

Won't you have a seat?

Clara dropped Phiroze off at the train station just before 2:30.

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Let's discuss this over lunch.


I think it's important to tell him the facts.

You can't let him suffer.

Next month it'll be five years since he began playing the violin.


I see this thing quite differently.

What's the solution?

Confine your remarks to the matter we are discussing.

I go to the movies once in a while.

I had too much to drink last night.

We must start at once.

I booked a seat.

He was born and bred a gentleman.

Nice to meet all of you!

Paul found his glasses and put them on.

Despite all his wealth, he is stingy.

It is by no means easy to satisfy everyone.

I still don't know what happened to Surya.

I'm not blaming them.

May I help myself?

Do they deserve our sympathy?

She's just as cute as the dickens!

Please listen and type in Spanish.

It doesn't snow the whole time through in Russia and there are also no bears running in the streets.

I thought Wendy would be here.

They're strong.

I'm enjoying this warm weather.

What's your manager's name?


We have to keep it secret.

The two women look at Melinda and then at each other.

Henry seems excited.

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You got off easy.

It's not too far.

I am tied to my desk and chair.

Hey, what are friends for?

Her abilities are not appreciated in school.

"Link, can I see you for a minute?" asked the King in a slightly irritated tone. "'Sup?" "What is this?" The King pointed at a large stained piece of cloth he was holding. "A potty." "Ew." The King felt rather displeased but let the matter drop, along with the piece of cloth, as a more urgent subject was at hand.

She resolved to work as a volunteer.

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She is one of the best ballerinas in the world.

I tried the problem again and again.

There are numerous reasons to be hopeful.

All she could do was watch him walk away.

If I were rich, I would go travelling everywhere.


Tell me where Krzysztof's hideout is.

She is living in some village in India.

We wish we didn't have to take a test in English.

I'm really careful.

Gregge is just going to walk away.

I told him to keep his promise.

The criminal gave himself up to the police.

The little kids were very curious.

I'm not the one who told them.