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How are we feeling today?

She wanted to buy the book.

She has an evident need of medical attention.

It would be a mistake not to do what Pablo asked you to do.

Leads's insurance company refused to pay because they determined he was injured by the heat of the fire, but not by the fire.

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They know how to swim.

We celebrated the centenary anniversary day.

Vivek is very optimistic.

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She is second to none in French.

Am I first?

We'll take her home.

I'm glad we agree, Johnathan.

I haven't read all of her books, just the first couple.

Ask me as many questions as you like. I'll try to answer them all.

Many couples nowadays sign prenuptial agreements.

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You used to climb our oak tree when you were a kid.

God is in the detail.

I knew you were going to do that.


Narendra is always very aggressive.

Your dress is very nice.

I hope I find someone who can help us.


We're in the well.

You can speak German.

I will take the shortest route.

Brooke has been talking to Socorrito.

I cannot silently overlook this problem.

Whoso boasteth himself of a false gift is like clouds and wind without rain.

He was nearly run over at an intersection.


Does that make you angry?


He owns his own house.


Matti is depending on you.


Theo is good at French.

Patience is a rare virtue these days.

Adoptions have gone up 600% since the epidemic of vagina dentata began.

Can I give Lorenzo a message?

I am sure I can get in touch with him by telephone.

Do your children know French?

He has already done my homework.

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Now listen to me.


This is the place where my father was born.

You don't talk to me that way.

That's not a problem at all.

The girl talking with John is called Susan.

O Lord, who lends me life, lend me a heart replete with thankfulness.

I'm sure something can be worked out.

We kept standing all the way to Osaka.


I can't believe that this is happening. Please tell me that it's a lie!

We need to find her.

I now finally understand what Piet was trying to tell me.

We have achieved great successes.

Glenn didn't know what to say.


He loves taking trips.


I cooked chick pea soup

Who would gild a lily?

I'm ready for a break.

Thanks for the meal.

I guess you won't be eating with us.

Light is much faster than sound.

Can't I get any privacy around here?

Fish swim in the water.

Laurel doesn't do that anymore.

This train has no luggage van.

I think she's interested in me.

Welcome to our first class in Italian.

Annard met Joachim for lunch.

I love you and think about you all the time.

I've seen her before.


The plan was altogether spoiled by the rain.

I guess you've been to Boston before.

The horse raced past the barn fell.


How long will you remain in London?

They are my friends.

The mind always loves to tack on to something, and when it doesn't have anything good for that purpose, it turns to the evil.

I don't know why he was late.

Father enjoyed a long life.

Did anyone tell them?

Their communication may be much more complex than we thought.

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We have known her for years.

I have to talk to Hein now.

It is wrong to put down his efforts to get better.


I'm learning Irish slowly.

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Learning is one thing, and common sense another.

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These are difficult times.

My mother doesn't like my room being untidy.

Those plans seem much alike to me.

Just relax a minute.

Ned will likely accept your offer.

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The baby is one day old.


This gentleman asks interesting questions.

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I'll pay you for everything.

Only the conscientious students came to the lecture.

I just lost my best friend in a traffic accident.


This work is anything but easy.


He doesn't sleep anymore.

Where I live, I enjoy spring the most, because the winter is too cold, the summer is too hot, and the autumn is too wet.

Now I don't feel like watching television.

Murray wanted revenge.

Bertrand stayed strong.

How did you know this?

Do you think that Spermophilus predators have night vision?

Vishal knew Masanobu needed some food.

Maybe someone else made Ramiro do it.

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Dan didn't even let Linda tell her mother goodbye.


This isn't just a simple defeat: I lost the balance I kept my whole life and now absolutely everything collapses.

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I spend a lot of time listening to music.

I didn't touch it.

I always use the steps, but...it's scary how they wobble...so I'd like you to hold them steady.

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You're throwing away your entire life.

I think Ted got scared.

Today I found that there's a movie called "The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!"

What's it like?

I'll do no such thing.


That link used to take me to your website, but it doesn't work anymore.

Roman will really be pleased.

I'm not trying to impress Mahesh.

These allegations are ridiculous.

All you have to do is wait for her reply.

Did you remember to buy flowers for Clayton?

Her legs are long.


I want a car, but I have no money to buy one.


We all feel terrible.

He can't make up his mind.

Randolph is still around.

She said she can't come, what a party pooper!

The more we spoil a child, the more problematic he will be.


Did you check this?


I'm not talking to you, I am talking to the monkey.

I can't say I'm surprised.

June believes he has a very low carbon footprint.

I'd like to speak with someone in charge.

He refused my offer to drive him home.


Can you finish by then?

There was a castle here many years ago.

Winter's coat's off.

Marriages are made in heaven.

Oh, I just gained two kilos. I should stop eating snacks.


Many foreign people come to Japan to work.

Have you paid all the bills?

I'm really stressed out.


He's full of big ideas.

Jennifer knows that he'll never live up to his parent's expectations.

Adam has really helped the team.

In aftermath of the accident he lost his sight.

She is unbeaten at that video game.

Actually, he is not the driver.

I'm not about to argue with you - you're drunk.


They are much better than Western baths.

My language is not on the list!

Ed was pacing in his room, unable to calm himself down.

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Annie wanted to become a teacher.

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Don't eat without me.


Kristi is a classically-trained musician.

Some of his officers protested.

He won't come to class tomorrow.

We must provide for our old age.

Kyle is very competent.

Since it was already late, I went to sleep.

I've got to find him before he does something stupid.