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When was the last time you took the subway?

The customer contended that she had been cheated.

Dawn doesn't agree with Ramesh at all.

The barber cut his hair.

Butler is a hypocondriac.

I need to get out of this place.

Marie has more than enough room for us.

Her courage supported her.

I want you back here.

This is our bag.

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.

The front door won't open.

Pinocchio's legs were so stiff that he could not move them.


Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan.

A healthy child can no more sit still than a puppy can.

Syun said you wouldn't come.

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Don't offend me.

You very nearly guessed it.

I know how I can do it.

In front of the train station there's a bank.

I don't have hobbies, except for football.

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Cloning people raises serious ethical problems.

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The mother cat went out hunting birds.

I am beginning to understand.

We can't trust what she says.


Be merciless.

This window overlooks the whole city.

Do you ever see yourself as part of a bigger picture?

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I brush my teeth with a toothbrush.

I cry every time I see this film.

He had to withdraw.

You should remarry.

Her talent is amazing.

This website is more addicting than Facebook, and infinitely more useful.

This is the pair of sunglasses I bought in Boston.

Ahmed wished he had told Timo the truth.

Recurrent miscarriage is distinct from infertility, and is defined as two or more failed pregnancies.

It's been a pleasure meeting you.

She loved me in the same way that I loved her.

Mick is trying to figure it all out.

I've tried to contact Chris.

Joseph likes playing with his toy cars.

I bought chicken, even though Agatha wanted me to buy beef.

He ran across the street, leaving her alone.

I've never been abroad.

Lewis didn't even care that I was late.

Theodore made money hand over fist.

The best salad you'll ever eat is the one they serve with their lunch special.

Jean-Christophe's wife keeps him on such a short rope.


If you're gonna get into the Evil League of Evil, you have to have a memorable laugh.


I didn't really miss Anthony.

He got all his information from secondary sources.

Are you telling us you suck?

Good night. Sweet dreams.

Renu and Manuel both covered their eyes.

That makes it exciting.

Curt was busy for a while.

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Sid opened his mouth to say something.

How many men are guarding them?

How are the odds?


I knew I wanted you the moment I saw you.

We'll just have to sit tight.

Pierette is better than me.

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I jumped into the water as in a trance.

He often plays the guitar.

Have you lost your marbles, wearing those bellbottoms?

She wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

Most dogs are inclined to be friendly.

We're of an age.

I may not get another chance.

I'm afraid to interrupt.

No one can live to be two hundred years old.


I'll take it now.

You must also respect the opinions of the minority.

The house stands on the hill.

Harvey was staring out the window deep in thought.

My brother got cheeky.


I'm a salesperson.

Kerry looked around at his apartment.

Page said he wanted to cry.

She grew even more worried.

This sort of thing doesn't happen where I come from.

There's a bank across from the hotel.

Amedeo asked Jared to come to Boston.


I want this repaired as soon as possible.

You can not afford this house!

Johnny put his shoes on.


That's not what I mean. Sex discrimination, female discrimination, whatever, men and women are just different.


We're relatives by marriage.

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Thousands of people went to the beach to see the dolphin.


We're expecting Gary to be here soon.

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He's head over heels in love.

That would be great.

I have been waiting for almost half an hour.


I'm taking it with me.

I'm beginning to feel at ease when I speak in Chinese.

I'd love to know if my luggage is arriving soon.

Never rub your eyes after cutting a hot pepper.

Dorian won't be around long.


I have a job interview I need to get ready for.


She copies everything I do.

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That was interesting to me.


I can't find the broom.

They are shearing the sheep.

Bill has many friends.


Such fishes as carp and trout live in fresh water.

Kevyn managed to control his anger.

They checked how pure the water was.

Hamlet proclaimed that he was not mad, but only pretended to be mad. Could it be, that he was mad all along? Or maybe he wasn't mad at first, but later on - as things became more and more complicated - he started to really lose his mind? Or maybe, he wasn't mad at all?

I always brush my teeth after eating sweets.

Did you tell Ronni what you told me?

The decision has already been made.

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Prices showed a tendency of going up.

As compared with the English, we are too near-sighted.

I might need your help again sometime.

He goes running every morning.

He speaks few languages.

This sentence sounds natural, but it's not grammatically correct.

He adapted himself to his new life.

Eventually, Old and Tollefsen got married.

I like working here.

You're cooking now.

Be nicer to your brother.

The girls spread many false rumors and lies about Drew.

It was just a stupid fight about something that didn't matter.


It's open ten to six daily throughout the year.


Floyd seems approachable.


This is my favorite time of year in Boston.

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Despair drove him to attempt suicide.

He went round the corner at top speed.

What's harder than for a single mother to work 2 jobs and raise 5 kids?

Have you tried restarting your computer?

I wish I hadn't seen such a horrible film.

I went on deck from my cabin.

What kind of farm machinery do you need to buy?

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Del didn't know how to answer Vick.

I love roast chicken.

I don't remember that at all.

What do you say to bringing your sister?

Bring me a drink.


I just want to be comfortable.

This is the most beautiful beach in the whole world.

Pray to God and not to His saint.

OMG, the volcanic eruption was HUGE!

Call me every few days, and in that way we can keep in touch if something happens.


Does anybody have a kleenex?

It is about time we were leaving.

I clean my teeth before I go to sleep.

Well, what did you find out?

If you won't tell them, I will.

You seem like a smart person.

You are perfectly normal.

I've got to get them home.

I'd like to be Chinese.


Visit my webpage and find out more about me.

Get out of my life, and don't come back.

I wish somebody else would do this for me.


I let them talk.

What will you have for lunch today?

Vidhyanath looked confused.

It was both energizing and exhausting.

Are you actually serious?

Every man has his weak side.

That's my problem, not yours.