He's eating breakfast now.

Haven't you lost some weight? Are you eating properly?

Vilhelm is always smiling.


Peggy took two wine glasses out of the cabinet.

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Is it open to beginners?

David never learned to drive.

Sigurd hasn't yet done what he promised he'd do.

Nobody handed Sylvan anything.

I can't look the other way anymore.

You have a good lawyer.

He knows how to answer journalists.

This product is well-designed.

It was unlocked.

I have to apologize to Metin.

Do you like your hot chocolate?


You cannot buy happiness.

Is this your real name?

Even though Seth and Vincenzo didn't like each other at first, they eventually became good friends.


We have no idea why Daniele does that.

Property is theft.

Please say you're kidding.

It'll take at least another hour to finish writing this report.

Vladislav, what would you do?

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The valley was aflame with red and yellow leaves.

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I'm scared for my kids.

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I would even simply leave the word "strangely".

I am a banker.

Mikael is very mean to me.

I am almost certain about that.

The Olympic Games are held every four years.


We're still trying to find out where Miltos lives.


She is as wise as fair.

He gave her a string of pearls worth $350,000.

That gave her an idea.


Almost all real numbers are indescribable.


In order to relax, I need to listen to soothing music.

This is spaghetti.

All they show us is girls in bathing suits!

How did you get a naked picture of me?

The strong will survive and the weak will die.


Why would you want to hurt me?

Marcos has a baby face.

Let's switch sides.


The little girl is peeing.


Shouldn't this be in the refrigerator?


Shankar does not know the difference between charcoal and carbon.

I've been here for a while.

Pia's methods were unorthodox.

Why are you talking to me?

This ticket will admit two persons free.

I saw Granville's file.

I got a lot of pleasure out of seeing Graham.

You need to buy her a present.

Socrates, who would easily have been acquitted by the judges, chose to die.

Don't forget to turn off all the lights before going to bed.

Are you seriously thinking about getting involved?


Good night, Mom.

I don't want to intervene.

The child has advanced in his knowledge.

Doing it that way will take a long time.

I'm very afraid of snakes.

Look, Jess, I'm tired of playing games.

Doug was evasive.

The Dodgers went on winning with irresistible force.

I love buying on eBay.


We're glad you're all right.

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We got it done.

What are you doing tomorrow night?

I got your letter.

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I miss talking with him.


The actor will play five characters in less than half an hour.

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Construction materials are expensive at the moment.

Loyd spends all his time thinking about sports.

I need you to go to the post office and mail this letter.

The place I live in is very good for your health.

If wisely used, money can do much.


I wish that I could do more.

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Puppies don't like to be left alone.

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I don't have much appetite lately.


Daniele doesn't know how to do that.

I was joking.

I thought you were right.

Do you feel like going swimming?

I am shaking with cold.

Please don't interrupt me for a while.

What'll you do if you can't find enough food to feed your family?

He sang Simon and Garfunkel songs.

Major had cancer.


This vase is made of iron.

Our cat is house-trained.

Everyone knows about Kim.

He tossed and turned all night.

I don't want to translate this sentence.

Tell the truth.

No matter what may come, I will do my duty.


I'm pleased to hear that.

I'd prefer not to do that.

I thought that he loved me, but in reality he just wanted to have sex with me.

You were wise not to follow his advice.

Is there anything wrong?

Randal's cell phone rang and he answered it.

It's not possible to get there by train.

Barney has begun to look for a new job.

May I go out for a short walk?

If this is the case, its victims are usually young calves, injured or sick animals.

Cristopher was turned down.


Don't call those students fools.

When the telephone was invented, how useful was it? Well, no one else had one, so not much at all! Like the phone, as more people learn Esperanto, it becomes more useful.

Her mother started screaming.


You must not leave her waiting outside in such cold weather.

The motion was carried unanimously.

Answer him.


How did you get out of doing that?

Could you tell me how to use this washing machine?

All my doubts about it have been driven away.

I didn't grow up in Boston.

She has waited her whole life for this very moment.


What's in that bottle?


African elephants have bigger ears than Asian elephants.

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I haven't forgotten you.

Izumi is no longer a child.

He presented an argument for the war.


Both my parents are at home now.

You've got two choices.

Ruth is going to do what he's got to do.

It was an era of lawlessness.

My prayer was answered.

There's no need to be gentle.

Did you get to meet her?

Can you really do it?

If the young does not learn it, the old does not know it.

You'd better get your stuff together now because we're leaving in ten minutes.

I'm not here to put pressure on you.


They are my grandfather's books.

Anna is cold and tired.

The judge was exhausted from the nervous strain.


Watch out for the pedestrians.

Sharan likes this.

It's easier than I thought.

Just how big is it?

You can't imagine how concerned I was.

She substituted margarine for butter.

He paid $20 for the lipstick.

The old man had a noble countenance.

I was kept awake all night by the noise.


Did you speak to Manjeri today?

It is regrettable that young Japanese today should show little interest in the traditional culture of their country.

We live near a big library.

How's the spice pudding?

This beach is dangerous at night.

Grace wore an indignant look.

I didn't call an ambulance.


I have far too many programs installed on my computer. Maybe if I uninstall some of them, my computer will run much faster.


Bart has decided not to do anything about the matter.


Is his father alive?

Pinochet remains in hospital due to heart problems.

Tracy wanted Janet to bring him a cup of coffee.

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Hotta wasn't the one who told me to do this.