BoDon, Inc.
Unique GASB 45 Perspectives
BoDon, Inc. is an innovative actuarial firm that provides unique perspectives on  OPEB (GASB 45 and 43) valuations.

BoDon would like this site to become a OPEB resource. It is intended to help you understand what others are doing with their OPEBs and then to help you improve your OPEB cost management. Welcome.

Please provide comments; we want to improve the site and keep you coming back.

BoDon's intent is to help clients retain their retiree medical benefits by reducing the ARC expense from the high levels seen under "commodity" valuation approaches to appropriate, sophisticatedly measured accrual costs.

Like any highly sophisticated, challenging game, one has to know the "rules." OPEB valuation is 443-879-7007and you are playing whether or not you know the rules. BoDon provides decision maker education that teaches the GASB rules, helps to create a strategy based on the rules, and then guides decision makers to implement the strategy within the rules.

Note: BoDon neither replaces your current advisers nor conducts valuations. It does work with decision makers so they understand their responsibilities and can therefore better work with their advisers to produce results.

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5% ARC Reduction Guaranteed

The solution will be acceptable to:

  • Management

  • Accountant
  • Auditor, and
  • Actuary


    If no current year savings are realized, you pay no BoDon fees. 






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