Jill lost the bet.

Are you sure one bottle of wine is going to be enough?

The escape was nothing less than a miracle.

Or did you change it?

The sun rises and the sun sets, and to its place it hastens, and there it rises.

People always disappoint you.


Why would anyone think that was a good idea?


How did you find out about this?

Courtney has a tendency to ramble.

Ariel has hidden superpowers.


Will you go out on an errand?


Romeo instantly fell in love with Juliet.

Once and for all, I forbid it.

Let's hook up later for a beer.


Sridhar is probably talking to Radek right now about that.

We only sell top quality products.

Human beings weren't meant to sit in cubicles all day, staring at computer screens.

This does not apply to students.

I owe Helge a great deal.

Ilya got here three hours after Randall did.

All containing news of his concerts and various activities.

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Olaf is not jealous.

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Wes knows Rudolf and John are no longer together.

I consider fruit to be the healthiest food.

Samir is a string theorist.

In the home of demons, Ravana is God.

Despite "No Smoking" signs, the boat operator was brazenly smoking all the time.

There is no doubt in my mind that Keith didn't commit suicide.

Why are you beating me?

I didn't know that until this morning.

Which house do you live in?

Freegans embrace community, generosity, social concern, freedom, cooperation, and sharing in opposition to a society based on materialism, moral apathy, competition, conformity, and greed.

You're tired this evening.

They cast furtive glances at one another.

How much does this umbrella cost?

A lunar eclipse can be seen from anywhere on the night side of the earth.

Heidi spent three years in prison.

We have the alternative of going or staying.

He is good at tennis.

I'd never do that to Antony.

They went to the maritime museum.


Lynn won the lottery, but then she lost her ticket.

Bud likes cats.

He had national welfare at heart.


The opinions of the weak are easily assimilated into those of the strong.

What is the number?

I thought you knew I was kidding.

Let's get it all over with.

I told Ninja I wasn't happy with the way he was acting.

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So where did you live?

Leo's resources are limited.

Izumi wants a new bicycle.


I want to come.

Aside from the tourist spots, it's not very prosperous, I think.

Jacobson asked Matti who had been the first to arrive.


She ought to take a little rest.


He will cope well with difficulties.

She always keeps her promises.

I share your sorrow.


Because he was ill, he could not go to the party.

Allen passed away this morning.

Soohong denied Jong to visit his daughter.

Shane was trying to do it, but he couldn't.

Billy is sitting right next to me.


You must do what seems right to you.

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You'll lose.

Don't you dare go there.

Why didn't you accept?

I have visited Paris once.

I agree completely with that.

She told her superior what she thought.

You're a middle child, too, aren't you?


If you weren't careless, your word processor wouldn't break down.


Actually, we had prepared ourselves for defeat.

Some mental illnesses already have a cure.

The people who reside here are our friends.

I always thought that Naomi was a bit strange.

They're good folks.

Don't fail me, Alexander.

She killed herself by taking poison.


I arrived at the stadium at 4:00 p.m., but the game had already started.


And that's why for almost a hundred years, any employee has been able to go to his employer and insist on being paid in cash.

Can I please have this to go?

He talks too much.

This is the first time I've ever thought about this.

"I have a date tonight." "With who?"


I buy newspapers every day.

Tickets are free online at example.com.

I'd recommend that you try to take it easy.

This mountain is covered in snow all-year-round.

You don't think it was a suicide, do you?

Dr. Jackson has a good bedside manner.

I never meant for things to happen the way they did.

Contact my assistant if you have any questions.

Kerry has done a really good job.

She wants to engage in teaching.

Felix got a toy hammer and toolbox for Christmas.

How much do you leave for a tip in Spain?

The goldfinch is a very interesting bird.

How many nights will you stay?

Does anyone here know what time the meeting starts?

We have to wash the clothes.

You know what to do.


I don't want to be rude to her.


The woman is in the room.

I don't think that's what you intended to do.

I liked Tharen better with longer hair.

Roxie didn't follow my advice.

She closed the door as fast as she could and ran away.


What is he going to do?

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We have other things to think about.

He can count up to ten with his fingers.

Men of genius are meteors destined to burn in order to illuminate their century.

Don't speak ill of others.

Chinese is too easy to learn.


I apologized immediately.

Have you finished that book yet?

We saw her enter the room.

This newspaper is selling fewer and fewer copies.

Dr. Zamenhof believed that a language belongs to the people who speak it which is why he never copyrighted Esperanto.

Don't be surprised. You know very well what I'm talking about.

Do you want me to try talking to Dan?

Martyn was obviously unhappy.

Jarvis and Starbuck are both happy.

Why are you insulting me?

You are free to do as you please with your money.

I found a good restaurant on Park Street.

You only need to ask.

In this paper, I compare the folklores of Germany and Holland.

Can I tell them?


Tell me a little about them.

You're the person I've been looking for.

He said a few words by way of apology.


I'm not satisfied with your performance


No one knows why we were there.


That's a good school.

Has prison changed her?

Tran and I are very different from each other.

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Deb is handling it well.

I'm not done with you.

Pamela made me promise not to tell Mark his phone number.

Why doesn't Bernard just let us go?

Every time I see him, he is smiling.


We tried that.

The meat is tough.

He is shivering on the brink.

I'll pray hard.

How could Nadeem have known where the money was hidden?

Clem went to the liquor store to buy a bottle of rum.

This book was originally written in French.


Come with me, Tovah.

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The little child drools whenever he hears of something delicious.


You are to come with me.

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Fritz wants you back, you know.

Sekar doesn't like Israel's living there alone.

Do you want something to eat?

He's thinking of selling his house.

They should stay away from people like that.


My jeans won't fit.


Have you seen the new movie?

This movie isn't that interesting, is it?

These are serious problems. They shouldn't be swept under the carpet.